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Humanification International Book Launch on the 18th april 2017

Humanification Book Cover
“Superlatives cannot begin to describe this book. It is that good. Any leader or aspirant leader that fails to read it may well regret it (by 2024). Humanification by Christian Kromme will not just be on the best seller list, it will be the “best seller”. In searching to find a cure for his terminally ill daughter, Christian discovers the link between technology and biology. This story of humanity gives the book a unique human flavour so many books on technology lack.

Christian Kromme has mastered the art of taking research and presenting it as a story of a future world. “Maybe not such a bad place to be.”Imagine being able to predict the next wave of technology. A bit like having a “genie in your pocket.” If you don’t want to know, then you are welcome to follow the pack and pick up the pieces that have been discarded by the innovators who are armed with a predictive power that the author provides with alarming clarity.”
5 star rating - Dr Pat Smythe

7 Things About Disruptive Technology Scientists Aren’t Telling You

A Dutch innovator with a sick daughter got quite a shock when he realised that technology had more in common with biology that he first thought. Christian Kromme, a technology entrepreneur, recently made a startling discovery about how technology breakthroughs happen. During his search for a cure for a rare genetic disease affecting his daughter, the author spotted a pattern. He recognised the biology pattern immediately, because he had seen it every day in his work with technology. It turned out that the father of three had unexpectedly found a hidden code for successful innovation. He has just written a book about his discovery.

Kromme’s breakthrough could help to predict the next big technology shift. His new book Humanification – Go Digital, Stay Human is making waves all over the world. The book explains why some ideas and innovative products take off, and others don’t.

It seems his research has lead to a blueprint that people can use to measure if the timing is right for a new business or idea. Jobs for millions of people depend on clever R&D teams coming up with bright ideas. Billions are spent every year on innovation, and billions are wasted. Being able to predict if the time is right could save fortunes and speed up getting the best ideas to market. The author has turned his discovery into a blueprint for successful innovation.

So what does he predict is coming next? For ordinary people he forecasts include mini power plants at home, printing most of our stuff using 3D printers, travel in flying cars and even attending meetings as a hologram of yourself.

Although technology is a notoriously difficult area to predict, the guys in Silicon Valley are already circling to find out more about how they can use Kromme’s blueprint to build the next unicorn company. The Dutchman’s ideas might just have cracked open the DNA of technology. If he has, and even a handful of some of his predictions come true, the door is wide open for a total change in how we live. Breakthroughs in medicine, computing, transport and even farming could be just around the corner. He believes that Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning is going to help us to solve many global problems. If he’s right, we can all look forward to a brighter future in the next few years.

Humanification – Go Digital, Stay Human is world wide available from 18th of April 2017. Humanification is first published in the UK in 2017 by The Choir Press / ISBN: 978-1-910864-97-5 Ebook (€ 9,95), Paperback (€ 19,95), Hardcover (€ 29,95), available on and many other online bookshops.

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Book Summary

Download the ‘Humanification – Go Digital, Stay Human’ book summary PDF

Our world is changing exponentially fast! Where is it going, what’s next? Imagine being able to spot the next big trend, or being able to predict the next big wave of change. Imagine having a code that gives you the power to invent, predict or harness the next big technology. Humanification is going to help you unlock the DNA of innovation itself, so you can apply it to your life, your business and your community.

The story starts with a little girl, a terminal diagnosis and a ticking clock. Join the author as he searches for a cure. Along the way you will discover the seven powerful forces of innovation that are going to change everything in your world within your lifetime. Through a series of stories, research and personal insights, the author reveals how he came to see the world from a totally new perspective. This new vantage point allowed him to uncover a unique wave pattern. Incredibly that wave pattern turned out to be a blueprint for just about every disruptive technology breakthrough.

Christian Kromme also made another remarkable breakthrough. He discovered that our manmade technology follows exactly the same evolutionary steps as life itself. By reading this book you will learn to see how the world works at a biological level, a technological level, and a humanity level. You will come to understand how each level is linked, and that knowledge will reveal remarkable new insights into the future.

The author predicts a period of exponential growth and an avalanche of technological breakthroughs. Many of them are on the verge of creating major disruption to life as we know it and gives you a ring side seat to the preview. This book will change the way you look at technology and its effect on us all forever.

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Video Trailer Humanification

Discover the DNA of Disruptive Innovation and How It Will Change Your World Forever

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About the author

Entrepreneur, Futurist, Keynote Speaker

Christian Kromme is an experienced entrepreneur and futurist speaker in the area of exponential technology, disruptive innovation and strategy/vision development. In his book Christian takes his audience on a tour through our exponentially changing world in which more and more disruptive technologies and business models provide a big shift toward consumers and smart communities.

As a tech-entrepreneur Christian has participated in several successful ‘disruptive’ start-ups, often spin-outs in completely different industries but always focused on the interface between humans and increasing technology. In 2002, Christian founded his own agency that helped organisations like: Shell, Randstad, Essent, Endemol, Corio, Eyeworks, ABP, Oracle, Philips, Toyota, Auping, Adidas, Rabobank to dramatically increase their rate of innovation.

Throughout the years the agency and Christian received several nominations and awards for its innovative vision and human-oriented approach, including Shell LiveWIRE Young Business Award, SAN Award, Broos van Erp Prize and many others. In 2014 Christian sold the agency to a multinational and started to focus on his passion, giving inspirational sessions and workshops on disruptive innovation and exponential technologies.

For more info about the author visit:

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Some early pre release reviews on

“A truly remarkable book that no entrepreneur, leader or policy maker can afford to miss. Humanification will stay with you consciously or unconsciously; it will change your everyday life.”
5 star rating - Ad Nederlof - Chairman of the VANAD Group and former CEO of Genesys
“Technological advancement is not sci-fi, it’s a fact. Seen from that perspective this book is not telling something new, what is new is the way of thinking about it. Technology is much closer related to nature than what the common believe is and that is exactly what this book describes. Humanity shouldn’t look at technology as something that is happening to us which we don’t have under control, but embrace it as part of us, because it is. This point of view, supported by plenty of proofpoints, makes technology feel less ‘sci-fi’ and something to be scared of. Read this book, relax your mind and get ready for the future by embracing it.”5 star rating - Marleen Meeuwsen
“Wow!!! This book is captivating from start to finish. I could not put it down. It’s futuristic and yet so real and practical. Absolutely breath-taking! Excellent advice and examples. Christian Kromme is phenomenal! I am a fan!”5 star rating - Brigette Hyacinth
“Excellent book to get a perspective on technology’s evolution during today digital environment. An interesting and fascinating presentation of how disruptive technologies evolve because they feel right and natural to the consumers. Exemplary resource to use in business development for predicting a market using patterns and parallels between biology and technology. I recommend the book to everyone to understand why innovative technologies are growing “exponential”.”5 star rating - Dorin Tonchina
“Humanification provides an optimistic and above all human vision for how innovation and new technologies will shape the future.

What I loved about the book:
The book breaks down each of the major themes it covers into three engaging and digestible sections – 1) History, Context & Theory. 2) Application in today’s society: Examples, Best Practices & Case Studies. 3) Imaginative Storytelling: Imagine it is 2030….this is how the world looks today.

Who is it for?
Anyone who is interested in futurism, innovation, design, organisation management or creativity. The book contains important messages for the entrepreneur, the corporate CEO, the designer, and the innovator, among others. One thing I really love about the book is the tone of voice, I would be confident to share it with my parents or any person who doesn’t necessarily consider themselves an academic or expert in this area.

Humanification provides an interesting, elevating and reassuring picture of what the future might hold.”5 star rating - Gerard Coen

“The vision in this book is elegantly simple, like most brilliant ideas are. It captivated me from the beginning , answered many questions I had, raised questions I never thought of and changed my perception on how technology will further change our lives and our societies. And how soon!… I recommend this reading to people from all backgrounds, we all benefit from the valuable insights the author is sharing. We don’t need to be tech experts to fully understand it. The concept of Humanification is nothing shorter than inspiring.”5 star rating - Paula Neves
“Truly enjoyable and thoroughly thought-provoking read! At a moment in time when the loudest voices discuss a potential “AI threat” and the imminent “death” of the (human) professional, this book presents a much needed optimistic, alternative perspective. Suggested paralells between technological development and various natural processes are spot on!”5 star rating - Lina Achi
“A lot to consider in this book. Predicted changes in technology & way of life. Businesses & organisations will need to adapt or become dinosaurs. Human thinking will need to evolve as well. The idea of sharing assets & resources in a communal way has a lot of room to improve. Governments & those who control the banking system will be worried to have control in the people’s hands. Perhaps they can evolve too. Be good to see how experiments with UBI (universal basic income) work out. Definitely space for discussion & collaboration!”5 star rating - Ivonne Teoh
“Humanification – what a great book, a must read for everyone!”

Finally…a book that captivates from the first to the last page! This book is well written, it reads easily. Christian’s message to the world is clear, insightful, sometimes confronting and had has been build-up very subtle.

“We are at a time where a tsunami of technology is coming at us, and we are looking to the past, thinking that future shifts are going to happen at the same rate as they did in our lifetime – but it won’t be that way.”

What a great book, I’m inspired by Christian’s message how human nature and technological developments are connected. I recommend everyone to read this book who would like to understand what we will encounter in the next few years as human beings due to the rapid technological developments5 star rating - Jeroen de Bree

In my 15 years of working in IT and building a solid career as Consultant in management of Change I was never able to put my gut feeling into words. And that is exactly what Christian has accomplished with his book and he has done this in a way it is pleasant to read also.

Every development in IT boils down to the way we developed as humans.
When you really want to be able to keep up in these challenging and changing times in IT reading this book is a requirement, developments will make sense again. Enjoy and join the visionaries after reading this book.

5 star rating - Bobbejaan v O

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