Humanification – The Movie

The dream is to impact as many people as possible and therefore we want to create a full feature movie/ documentary about Humanification, so that the concept becomes even more accessible and engaging for a big audience. The vision is to create an engaging audio/visual tour using advanced and impactful emerging 3D graphics and video material.

The journey will follow the seven-wave pattern from the first sub-atomic particle to molecules to cells, to humans and eventually to humanity. It will explain the relationship between technology and the society we live in today and will give us a glimpse into the future, where we will have a multi-planetary society. It will be a movie about the impact of exponential technology on humanity and will show more people how and what we can learn from the parallels between biology and technology. Because there is a remarkable similarity in the patterns to the evolution of much of our human technology.

Technology Wave 1.0 : The Agricultural Revolution

Technological Wave 1.0 delivered technology that met our basic physiological and biological human needs. Technology like agriculture (food), buildings and towns (shelter/sleep), irrigation (water), fire (warmth), laws and government (homeostasis), and many more.

As we grow in numbers we became more social beings

Our improved communication skills enabled us to share ideas and food

As a result our communities grew bigger and more complex

As a result our communities grew bigger and more complex and needed an infrastructure

Technology Wave 2.0 : The Industrial Revolution

Technological Wave 2.0 delivered technology that met our needs for safety and comfort. Infrastructure technologies provided us with a stable environment to build nations: we were able to have employment (industrial infrastructure), reliable transportation systems (transport infrastructure), constant energy flow (pipeline and cable infrastructure for oil and electricity), pharmaceuticals (healthcare infrastructure).

Technology Wave 3.0 : The Telecom Revolution

Technological Wave 3.0 delivered us technology that met our needs to connect with each other. Telecommunication technology enabled real-time communication between family, our loved ones (meeting our love needs), and let us build and maintain relations over long distances (meeting our connection needs).

Technology Wave 4.0 : The Automation Revolution

Technological Wave 4.0 delivered new technology that meets our need for autonomy. Software technology such as operating systems and applications automated all kind of processes and routines for us. Software gave our technology almost instinctive behaviour that was ‘programmed in’ and made our technology much easier to manage.

Technology Wave 5.0 : The Social Media Revolution

Technological Wave 5.0 delivered new technology that met our cognitive needs: technology such as search engines (our need for knowledge), social networks (our need for self-awareness and self-expression), and task-specific communities (our need for meaning).

Technology Wave 6.0 : The Learning Revolution

Technological Wave 6.0 holds the promise to deliver new technology that will help us to meet our aesthetic needs: technology like cloud-based neural networks that are able to learn and create almost perfect algorithms (to enhance beauty and form), robots that learn to walk and move like people (balance), and even the creation of advanced virtual agents who can
help us with all kinds of processes (self-reflection).

Technology Wave 7.0 : The Creative Revolution

Technological Wave 7.0 holds the promise to deliver us new technology that will meet our need for self-actualisation and transcendence. I think it’s likely that we will see the advent of Digital Doubles (who will help us achieve faster personal growth, self-knowledge, and transcendence), hive minds, and decision-making platforms (that will help us with tough morality questions and give us a mechanism to place the needs of the many above the needs of self), and we will see more co-creation platforms (to help us reach fulfilment and help us serve our purpose).

Help, turning the movie dream into a reality!

The film is currently in the concept phase and Christian is looking for creative partners with an interest in co-funding and turning the movie dream into a reality. Please leave a message if you or your organisation like to help in the creation of the movie/documentary?

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